Having sex with the older generation Having sex with the older generation
Although we mostly try to have sex with people close to our age, there is always a curiosity about how good in bed people... Having sex with the older generation

Although we mostly try to have sex with people close to our age, there is always a curiosity about how good in bed people from the older generations are. After all we’ve all seen movies like ‘American Pie’ where the older mum (also known as MILF) can really work here charms on younger men; making them desire that bit of fun with a person who looks hot and has experience because of her age. So let’s take a look at the advantages of having sex with people older than us.


The first thing that can make us curious is the fact that there are actually plenty of older single ladies out there online using dating websites looking for younger partners. It is not just a myth, there are indeed a lot of available older single ladies, with niches like granny dating becoming popular along with MILF dating. When we look at dating profiles online for granny contacts, we know that older ladies will have tried more things, and the fact that they seem easily available simply arouses our curiosity.


Naturally this is the biggest selling point: people with age have more experience with all things in life, and that can definitely be said about sex. Older women have had sex with more men, they have tried more things and have learned a lot of different techniques to please a man over the years. You might think that you’ve seen it all but in reality you haven’t experienced good sex until you’ve met a woman that knows a wide selection of tricks. But it is more than just technique, as experienced women also know to read the signs on you face. What this means is that if you are not enjoying yourself, they can quickly spot it and adapt their behaviour to making you happy. No more just doing the job to make them happy, they will make sure you are actually enjoying yourself all the way!


So you might think that the older people get, the less they want to have sex, well… you would be surprised at how untrue this is. In fact, it is the complete opposite, with a lot of women only developing a further appetite over the years. After all, being older does get you away from the responsibilities you have such as family and work. Once your kids have left the house and you are retired, you now have a lot of time on your hands to actually do the things you enjoy. This is why a lot of women will catch up on all those years of hard work; liberating themselves and blossoming into the sexual being they have always wanted to become.

Taste the fruit

So now that you know the truth about older women, why don’t you go out and meet all those older ladies; it is a fantasy most of us have and you should at least try it once just to see if the legend is true. Give yourself a good time, find an older lady that can really look after you and you will be converted! Just make sure that you don’t indulge in the forbidden fruit too much though, as you will find it hard to go back to the younger women after that!

Bret Popa