A little too shy to engage in live sex chat with an operator? Find written sex stories a little too distracting? Too public to...

A little too shy to engage in live sex chat with an operator? Find written sex stories a little too distracting? Too public to watch porn? Great news! We have the perfect alternative, pumping in those sexy stories straight to your earbuds, for a hands, and fancy, free time.

Finding new and creative ways to get your fix of the sexy, dripping diatribes, of the ladies in your area, or even from around the world, isn’t as difficult, or as expensive as you’d expect. For your secret little pleasure, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 hottest audio sex stories sites available. Some sites are paid per use and others are free or provide free clips. Pick your poison and choose your own adventure on any of these amazing sexy audio wonderlands. That’s alright, you can thank us later.

Audio sex stories are different from audio sex in that they are basically some of the best erotic literature read, and enjoyed, by some of the sexiest women from around the world. Audio sex, on the other hand, is a voyeur’s (wet) dream. Both types put you right into the action and you have the choice to participate as much, or as little as you want. Certain sites even offer ongoing podcast with recurring characters so you can create your very own fantasy get away.

  1. com

Literotica is a website that updated daily with one of the largest, and most scintillating, collections of erotic literature and audio sex stories that you can find on the web. The site is really well organized and easy to navigate with few ads.  Literotica is busting with firm breasts, heaving chests, and lucious lips. All there for your auditory enjoyment. If you think music can set the mood, wait until you hear the sounds of erotica rolling of the very capable tongues of their many readers.

  1. com

Indian sex talk is definitely a fan favorite. They have absolutely anything and everything that the erotic connoisseur needs in their cabinet. From audio sex stories, to literature, to live sex chat- they’ve seriously got it all. The website is super easy to use and absolutely huge, prepare to get lost down a rabbit hole of steamy Indian sex goddesses here.

  1. com

Chyoo is more of an erotic story wonderland than it is an audio sex stories page, but we’ve added it anyway because of their novel approach to the literature that you want! Remember those “Choose your own adventure” books that we all had as kids? Well, Chyoo is basically that, except for deciding whether or not you fight the dragon on page six, you have to choose which buxom maiden get your rock hard cock! Definitely an innovator in erotic stories.

  1. com

Best erotic stories is one of the smaller sights, but don’t let the size fool you. The ladies behind their erotic fiction and audio sex stories are without question, geared towards quality. Sexy, simpering voices will entice you down paths that your fantasies have never been before. All hands on decks gents! This website may be small, but she is definitely ready for action.

  1. org

Nifty is another big hitter in erotic fiction and audio sex stories. Their archives make it really easy to search thousands of pages of erotica with little to no effort on your part. Use their simple and free navigation service to get beautiful woman whispering their deepest desire for you to fulfill for hours on end.

  1. com

Lush stories is basically the internet equivalent of an old forgotten library that is bursting with the most incredible books. Except the librarian is wearing thin lingerie and there is an audio section that’s calling your name. Lush has hundreds of audio sex stories and thousands of pages of erotic literature. Join the community and vote for your favorites.

  1. com

Audio Sex hosts some erotic literature here and there, but these guys are experts in erotic audio and audio sex stories. Their stories tellers give you the full experience and their live sex recordings make you feel like you’re there. Throw on a blindfold and get ready to experience the true sense of sound.

8.Down N’ Dirty FM Player

Down n’ Dirty is an fm player add on that allows you to listen, search, and even add sex audio and audio sex stories to their enormous library. Each of their stories, podcasts, and live sex audio feeds are designed to get you playing hands on and get you off.

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